How To Make Quality Decisions: 7 Faith Steps

Have you also been in a situation when you are in a fix and you really want to know how to make quality decisions? Quality decisions is a step in the line of making right choices. Everyone that must succeed and fulfill their God given dreams must learn how to make quality decisions. Of course the foremost thing will be to pray and receive direction from God.

I should think discovering God’s will is one of the most difficult quality decision or task any Christian must experience. There are always doubts whether or not we are in the “center” of this “nailing jello to the wall” will. This inspirational article might just change the way you view how we can follow God in a godly manner.

In learning how to make quality decisions, God sometimes gives you freedom in your choices. And we might be given several possibilities, both of which God can work in our lives. He does not force the issue. But through circumstances and other criteria, we can be thought how to make quality decisions.

So, in this post this is what you should expect:

  1. You’re A Person of Destiny

  2. You Have A Purpose in Life

  3. What Does The Bible Say About Decision Making?

  4. How Do You Pray About Your Decisions?

  5. How Do You Hear God In Making Quality Decisions?

  6. What Makes Your Decision A Wise One

  7. Trusting God In Making Decisions

  8. Making Tough Decisions With God’s Help

  9. The Process of Making Quality Decisions

  10. How To Make Quality Decisions – 7 Faith Steps (Moses As Case Study)

    I. Esteeming
    II. Refusing
    IV. Forsaking
    V. Enduring
    VI. Continuing Your Passion
    VII. Passing Through

You’re A Person of Destiny

God has a specific plan for your life. Before the foundation of the world, He chose you to live at this particular time and season. Regardless of what you may have been told or taught, you’re not a mistake! God knew you before you were formed in your mother’s belly – Jeremiah 1.5 If you can develop your faith muscle enough you can get through the ups and downs of fulfilling your destiny.

You Have A Purpose

He made you with a purpose, and you’re a vital part of His divine plan to bring more people into the kingdom of God. I love to say this quote from late Myles Munroe, ‘when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable‘. In order to know and fulfill your God-given purpose you must make series of quality decisions through your life time. You must refuse to be led mainly by your emotions or unnecessary prevailing factors which always don’t last.

Quality decisions based on God’s word will place you on the right part at all times. However, bad and poor decisions will take you off course and prevent you from experiencing God’s best. You’re a free moral agent; you have a right to your own decisions. God won’t force you do anything. But I encourage you to make quality decisions because the results will not only impact you today but your unborn generation will also benefit either positively or negatively.

If you are not where you want to be in life, it is not the fault of God or the devil. Your current situation in life is the result of the choices you’ve made.

What Does The Bible Say About Decision Making?

A number of stories were explicit about decision making in the bible. Look at Abraham when God asked him to leave his native land to a land He will show him – Genesis 12:1, he made a quality decision that earned him favor with God much more that it was counted unto him for righteousness. Paul also made a decision to turn from his evil ways and now he wrote major parts of the new testament in the bible.

So, quality decisions will cause you to leave a remarkable mark on the sand of memory. Your generations unborn will call you blessed for it!

How Do You Pray About Your Decisions?

Prayer is a pivotal stage in making quality decisions. Unfortunately many overlook this step and hastily jump into decisions thereby falling into errors. There are Simple Ways You Can Pray to receive directions for from God on decisions you need to make.

Woman praying to God

It is not a complicated thing to do, you can just say: ‘father Lord, I need your guidance on this decision I need to make, please help me to make the right thing’. As simple as this is, God will honor it because He sees your heart that you are looking up to Him to help you. You can practice that for yourself today and see how awesome it can be

How Do You Hear God In Making Quality Decisions

You must hear from heaven if you are to be sure you want to make quality decisions. ‘My sheep hear my voice and I know them’ – John 10:27-28 This is an encouraging scripture to assure you again that you can hear God. You can hear God in making decisions by (1) Intentionally listening for the still small voice, (2) By being sensitive to circumstances around you (3) Through what other Godly people or mentors around you.

Those three methods I have used time and again and have been blessed with fruits of quality decisions

What Makes Your Decision A Wise One?

In order to make quality decisions, you must have a proof to show that you have made a great choice. The fruits of those decisions alone can tell the world about the faith step you took to bring those results.

Everyone wants to succeed, no one wants to be a failure. For a decision to be a wise one it must be based on the strength of God’s Word. Such decision based on God’s Word Can Move You to the Top so Fast and make you rule in your world

Trusting God In Your Decisions

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Without me you can do nothing! That’s what God said. God has all power to make your dreams come through. What you want to avoid is fear of the unknown. God has all the means to cause your decisions to be fruitful, but He needs faith in order to intervene in those issues and choices we need to make.

You cannot be too careful and do nothing, all in the name of not wanting to fail. But a sure a safe way to go about things is to just Trust God Through it All no matter how they look.

Making Tough Decisions With God’s Help

It can be daunting to make tough decisions, this is why you need God’s help. Poor decisions can be so costly. It is crucial to emphasize the need for the Holy Spirit here. You want to learn how to make quality decisions? Then Holy Spirit must be your close ally.

Tough decisions are not the ones you just make casually because if not done well can lead to major losses. All you need to do is to be sincere wit God. Trust Him with every process all the way. Show that you cannot make the decision without His help, and He will help you.

This bible passage readily came to mind: Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path – Proverbs 3:5, you may also want to check it out. What a great assurance that no matter how tough that decision may be, you can make it and have a good result with the help of God.

The Process of Quality Decisions

There are seven steps of making quality decisions. We will look at them one by one to see how you can relate and also take some actionable steps towards making quality decision that will help you develop strong faith in God and bring you memorable positive results.

There is a man in the bible I like to use as a case in this study, his name is Moses. He made some quality decisions that we can also learn from.

By faith Moses, when he was come to years, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season. Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompense of the reward ‘- Hebrews 11:24-26

How To Make Quality Decisions: 7 Faith Steps: Case Study- Moses

Notice three powerful words in that above scripture: refused, choosing and esteeming. Let’s examine these words and the rest in that scripture more closely in terms of how they relate to quality decisions in your life.

1. Esteeming

To esteem something is to give it value or prominence. When you esteem something you judge, measure and attribute high importance to it. Moses esteemed the reproach of Christ of greater value than the treasures of the land. He placed a higher value on suffering with his people than enjoying the pleasures available to him. He knew the will of God for his life could afford him all the riches and even much more.

Likewise, in your quality decision making process, you must first of all assign value to your choices. Evaluate which one has or carries the most weight. Is pleasing God more important than pleasing others? God’s approval should be valuable to you than the approval of your friends, work acquaintances or family. Give this a thought as it counts towards quality decisions.

You will never make quality decisions until you value God’s words

For any decision to be a quality, it must be based on God’s word. The Word of God must be the basis for your career choice, place to live, marriage, finance, employment and so on. You will not make quality decisions until you value God’s word. If His words is not esteemed in your life, you will make costly decisions instead.

2. Refusing

Another step to making quality decisions is ‘refusing’. To refuse means to vehemently deny or denounce and disown. Moses refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He denounced and refused his position as a member of the royal family; can you imagine? He did this so he could pursue the will of God.

He couldn’t sit quietly and watch the injustice and oppression his people suffered at the hands of the Egyptians.

3. Choosing

The third step to making quality decisions is ‘choosing’. To choose means to intentionally make a choice. There are many choices you are faced with in life. Your decision about those choices lead to poor or quality results. Moses refused to stay connected to Israel’s oppressors and that enabled him to chose to suffer affliction with the people of God rather than enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season – Hebrews 11:25. This was a quality decision on the part of this young man.

Moses’ quality decision ultimately led to the freedom of a large population of people. You see, if you are currently in an unfavorable situation or you suddenly find yourself in a detestable state in life, things can change for you quick. This may mean sickness, foreclosure, legal battles, unemployment, divorce, difficult child and so on. Whatever the case may be please refuse to accept those negative circumstances and choose to be free from any entanglement of the enemy.

Refuse to accept debts, poverty and anything that negates the plan of God for your life. Believe and have some certain powerful daily decrees that you proclaim over your life everyday!

4. Forsaking

In order to be skilled on how to make quality decisions, you must be able to ‘forsake’. What does it mean to forsake? it mean to leave something behind. Moses forsook Egypt, which represented bondage and the world’s system of doing things. Are you willing to forsake the things of this world that are holding you in bondage and drawing you away from God and your dreams. Things like worldly pleasure, sin, telling lies, cheating others or habits, attitudes and even relationships. These things hinders your ability to make quality decisions.

Only you can say those areas of your life that are a hindrance to your spiritual growth and your relationship with God. Take some steps on those areas where necessary. Whatever they are if you want to set yourself on the path to destiny, you’ve got to forsake those things that will hinder your destiny.

5. Endurance

The next faith step to making quality decision is endurance. To endure means to carry something up to completion. To hang in there until you see the results you believe will come.

Once you have now forsaken things that can hinder your glorious destiny, it is necessary to be ready to endure and make it through the challenges that will come your way. You make up your mind, take your stand and weather the storm to get to the perfect completion

6. Keep On Trusting God

Continue doing what good you already know to do. You see, in order to know how to make quality decisions you must not forget the good works and the great experiences of how God has moved in your situation. We all have a past, as for me I know how God has sustained me through terrible situations. So, this keeps me trusting God even more.

Regardless of your situation, trust God, cast your cares on Him for He cares about you. He will help you work out the quality decisions you need to make. He is the one who gives you the boldness and courage to take that step on what will eventually end up a quality decision.

7. Pass Through

This is a major faith step in knowing how to make quality decisions. You must pass through. In Isaiah 43: 2-3 the scripture says ‘when you pass through the waters, I will be with you and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you; when you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon you. For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Savior.

Isn’t it wonderful to know God is with you as you pass through everything that tries to hinder your quality decision making process? When you feel like quitting, go back to the Word of God and receive encouragement. Have confidence in God. Your heavenly father is right there with you. You can never make mistake! Even when it happens that you do, He will sustain and carry you. He will support you in making decisions that are quality and in line with His Word and His will.

How do you relate to any of the above steps?


The best privilege you can offer yourself on this side of eternity is to trust God to lead you to make quality decisions. With Him on your side, leading you, you can never miss it.

This is why you can take this opportunity to give your heart completely to God. Ask Him to come and rule and reign. You can pray like this:

Lord Jesus I come to you just as I am. I confess my sins, I forsake them and ask for forgiveness. Please write my name in the book of life. Thank you for saving my soul.

Thank you for taking time to read, please feel free to share.

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